Love VS crush

Hello! This is Alice. And this is one of her favourite topics: love, and having crushes!

What is having a crush? It’s when you become charmed by someone. Like a painter, you become hypnotised by a burning sunset. The beautiful qualities of someone fill you with giddiness and excitement. You daydream; you become intoxicated; you wander through the blooming garden of your own desires.

By Alice’s definition, you also maintain a distance. Having a crush is all about noticing the good things and ignoring the bad things. You see your crush in the best possible light, and that is all the light there is. It is a world without darkness.

It is a good world. Up to a point.

What is love, then? Simply put, love is seeing the darkness as well – and loving it with equal force.

As a writer, Alice often has new ideas. She develops a crush on some ideas. The crush is what prompts her to take action, to splash the first droplets of ink on a blank sheet. The crush gives the crucial energy to get over the initial reluctance of starting anything. But to get further, to really bring a text to life, Alice must learn to love it.

She must accept that the text has deep darkness. It has problems and faults. There will be struggle. The text will hurt. Alice must accept that. She must expect it. She must look forward to it.

The characters? They are not flat Mary Sues. Their views do not agree with Alice’s. They may be dickheaded chauvinists. Yet Alice must side with them. She must fight to bring their voice out fully.

The setting? It is not a gimmick world. It was not invented to expound on Alice’s clever ideas about terraforming. It is a real world, with real complexity that cannot be exhausted in a single novel. Nor a series of novels. Not any amount of writing. Alice herself cannot comprehend its full vastness.

The story? It is not a one-sided sermon on a single idea. The story is life itself, with the text’s nature clashing and intertwining with the characters. The story cannot be reduced to a theme. The story cannot be summed up in a sentence. It is not covered in three arcs. During its entire length, it spills but a drop of its true force.

Love is when Alice trembles before her own text, realising how much stronger it is than herself. Love is when, regardless, Alice determines to bring it out as best she can, in as many aspects as she can, with all the love she can.

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