The Liebster Award

The ever-friendly Richie Billing nominated Alice for The Liebster Award. Awkward thanks ensue!

So, who is this Richie person? He’s a helpful guy who likes to smoke! And he knows he ought to kick it, so don’t grill him about it. I envision Richie as this kind soul who toils in his humble shed, working with the tenacity of an ant to bring us information about cannons! (Among other things.)

Richie Cares to Share on Thursdays, which I think is the best! Alice would like to do something similar, but she lacks the net-trawling prowess that Richie has. Do pay him a visit. T-t-thanks, Richie!

Now, as part of Liebster’s liebstery rules, Alice proceeds to answer some questions thrown by Richie:

Desert Island: You can pick 3 books to read on your desert island. What would you pick and why?

Alice chooses her trusty pocket-sized SAS Survival Guide by John Wiseman. Alice is a tough nut, but she doesn’t always know what to do. Wiseman’s wise advice will complement Alice’s inner survival instincts nicely!

Next, Alice chooses Meditations by Aurelius. For dear old inspiration!

Lastly, Alice chooses The Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer. For kindling.

Come Dine With Me: Which three characters from novels/stories would you choose to spend a night of dining with?

I’ll pick Moomintroll, Too-ticky, and Snufkin! We’ll eat fish soup in the bathing hut! In midwinter!

What advice would you give to any new blogger?

Since Alice is a newbie herself, she gives herself this advice: Hang tough, Alice! The ocean is big, but if you keep paddling, you won’t sink!

Naturally, this advice applies to all you other newbies out there, too. And all you oldies. And in-betweenies. Hang tough, all!

Where’s your favourite place to write?

Kitchen. Honestly, it may not be Alice’s favourite, but it’s the only viable place right now. For any serious kind of writing, in any case.

An easy, or maybe a hard one to end with. Describe your current work in progress in three words.

This is a secret work in progress, and Alice is under chivalric oaths not to divulge details about it. Three words will be just this side of permissible! They are: animal knights eat.


Now, the questions are done. Next, Alice has lovely-dovely nominations. She thinks the following blogs could use more attention. (If they want it.)

Iain Lindsay

Timothy RJ Eveland

Dorian Graves

North of Andover

Ethereal Seals

For them, I have a handful of questions:

The Casual: What’s going on at the moment? What are you working on, writing-wise?

The Conan: What is best in life? But we’ll make this harder – you’re not allowed to say “writing”, which would be a cheap cop-out, nor are you allowed to mention the lamentation of women!

The Conniving Communist: What is most unjust in life? Again, Alice denies cop-outs! “Not having enough time to write” is not acceptable.

Head on over to the Liebster HQ to review the rules. Till next time, peeps and bunnies!


8 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

  1. I’m laughing at your choice of kindling…
    Thank you for the nomination! I’ll see if I can get those answers up in my own post soon (especially since in my haze of editing, I seem to have forgotten to blog the past couple weeks, woops…)


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