Alice’s Idea Giveaway Sunday, vol. 6

Behold, the year reels inexorably toward a thunderous close! Everything old will vanish, and a new, shining creation will emerge! To celebrate this festival of renascence, Alice hosts yet another iteration of her giveaway of ideas!

What is this? Well, the deal is simple. Alice gives away her writing ideas for free. If you see something you like, go ahead and grab it!

I strongly believe that thoughts and dreams are common goods. I’m sharing what I’ve got, and if you want, you can share what you’ve got in the comments!

All right, waffle mode over, let’s crack that box open!

The Moonlight Monastery

Last week, I told you about this story, in which the vampire hunter Aguilliere battles demon nuns in a cursed monastery. Despite being a vampire hunter of illustrious lineage, Aguilliere is powerless against her quarry without her demon-slaying weapon, the Sword of Night (vampires are physically superior to humans, you see).

Now, I had the idea that Aguilliere is accompanied by her trusty companion, nicknamed “Pacquet”. Destiny has brought Aguilliere and Pacquet together, for Pacquet, too, belongs to an ancient lineage, albeit darker than that of Aguilliere. Pacquet is the last scion of a family who traces its origin to Amberdin, the forsaken weaponsmith, whose soul belonged to the Devil in exchange for sorcerous gifts. It was Amberdin’s descendants who forged the Sword of Night.

I love the idea of dead ancestors returning from the grave to instruct their living descendants. I also love the idea of “fleshy” ghosts – unlike the corny, translucent staple of movies, the fleshy ghost looks and feels akin to a living person, until they do something that proves their otherworldly nature. Now, I wanted to combine these two ideas in the person of Amberdin, who, at a climactic moment, returns from the dead to instruct Pacquet in creating a sword for Aguilliere, so that she may fight the vampire nuns. Aguilliere tests the sword, but alas, despite Pacquet’s best effort, it cannot harm the nuns’ supernatural bodies!

In a fateful twist, Aguilliere falls in love with one of the vampire nuns, Arienne. Arienne is scorned by her sisters, and when they find out about her and Aguilliere, Arienne is doomed. Aguilliere and Pacquet try to save her, but it is too late: Arienne meets an inescapable death!

As Arienne’s body lies before them, dead as stone, Pacquet feels compelled to somehow console the grieving Aguilliere. So, Pacquet ends up performing dark magic, and binds Arienne’s spirit into the sword she forged with Amberdin’s help. This sword takes on the name “Arienne”. Charged with its namesake’s vengeful spirit, the sword finally harbours power enough to destroy the demonic nuns – and Aguilliere goes to town!

Under the Mountain

I’m a sucker for the “king in the mountain” motif. I’m also a big fan of the Master Chief from the Halo franchise, although I think the games and their stories kinda suck otherwise. But the idea of having a super soldier in storage, and then cracking open that storage in a time of need, gets my wellies super hot!

I was thinking Lord Eva would combine these ideas, but now I’m having second thoughts. It just doesn’t click. What about you? Have you written or read about kings in the mountain, or super soldiers in storage? (Ideally, both!) If so, what was it like? All ideas appreciated!

Asmela of the Night Wind

I had an idea about an invisible assassin, Asmela, who is the puppet of the gluttonous Gods of Nar. Asmela has two chief, god-granted powers: she is invisible, and she can fly.

The invisibility thing is a bit tricky for Asmela, however. See, it can’t be turned off, so she’s invisible all the time. Have you guys ever wondered what that really means?

Like, if Asmela’s midriff and gut are invisible, does that mean you can see the food she eats, and the poop that travels through her colon? That would be very awkward for an invisible assassin of the gods, so the answer is no. Well, how does that work, then? Does food magically turn invisible when it goes into her mouth? The answer is: yes, it does.

Well, what does that mean, then? Simple! Anything Asmela puts in her mouth turns invisible as well! Imagine the difficulties if you were her, and trying to send a letter. You lick the stamp, and lo! It disappears! Thankfully, the Gods of Nar don’t maintain post offices, so Asmela doesn’t have to deal with that. But, surely the power could be used for interesting effects – or better yet, cause interesting problems.

Any ideas?


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