Alice’s Idea Giveaway Sunday, vol. 7

Greetings, denizens of 2019! I am Alice, and I come in peace. As a token of my peaceful intentions, I gift you all with some of my best writing ideas!

So what’s the deal? Simple and straightforward. Below are my ideas. Take them, piecemeal or whole, modify them, mutate them. Everything is free! Also, I always encourage you to share your own ideas in the comments. Like love, ideas do not diminish when you share them – they multiply!

What do we got, then? Let us see.

Asmela of the Night Wind

I had an idea about the invisible assassin of the gods, Asmela. Her masters, the greedy Gods of Nar, have granted her with two magical powers: she is invisible, and she can fly.

Now, how does flight work, you ever thought about that? I had a few ideas. First, though Asmela doesn’t have to flap her (non-existent) wings, her flight does consume energy – and the gods being greedy, they don’t want to supply her from their own stores. So, if Asmela wants to fly, she’s gotta eat. Also, if she flies fast, high, or for long distances, she’s liable to get tired, just as if you were sprinting, climbing, or running a marathon.

Second, since Asmela doesn’t own any invisible clothes, she has to fly naked if she wants to stay invisible, too. Now, though the Valley of Nar is fairly hot, it can get cold up there in the skies with the wind blowing, especially if you’re naked. Ergo, if Asmela wants to fly high and not freeze, she’s got to wear furs and forgo the invisibility part.

Also, since flight must consume power, it would make sense if it would consume more power the heavier you are. Like, carrying 25 kilo on a hike is a lot tougher than carrying 5 kilo. So, Asmela must avoid carrying heavy loads and should maintain a reasonable body weight, which may not be an easy task since she also poses as the feast-loving, all-wealthy queen of the Nar Valley!

Gosh, so much to think about.

The Moonlight Monastery

I’m currently reading Anna Larsdotter’s Kvinnor i strid. More fascinating than a slow fuck! Y’all know I’m weird, and have had a soft spot for Thirty Years’ War since my twenties?

What I didn’t realise before is this: 1) the armies of that time had huge numbers of women and children tailing after them, doing all the jobs, making armies more like mobile towns than anything else, and 2) pillaging was on everyone’s minds – including womens’ – but women were also desirable booty, and 3) uniforms (didn’t exist) and allegiances (changed on the fly) were far less defined than, say, two hundred years later.

Do you guys understand what a treasure trove of stories and ideas 17th-century warfare is? I’m in love, I’m in love!

Actions in the Thirty Years’ War weren’t often “fighting” actions as such. What I mean is, you didn’t just ride out against the enemy, intending to fight them on the battlefield. A large part of actions were devoted to food! Food was super important. Like, riding out to find food. Or to steal and destroy the enemy’s food. Also, they didn’t have supply chains back then. You ate what the land had, then and there. Which means the peasants really had shitty lots. (Most everybody else too, of course. War ain’t roses and chocolates today, far less then.)

So, what I’d like historical and fantasy writers to remember is food. Food is what it’s all about. In The Moonlight Monastery (working title), I had the idea that Aguilliere’s band of soldiers have been sent to destroy the local crops to deny the Spaniards their meals. Also, they’ve taken what they can carry with them, to bring rations back to their forces.

Alas, in crossing a river while fleeing pursuing Spaniards, Aguilliere’s band loses much of their acquired booty: chickens, grain, bread, fruit, and two lovely Italian girls. The resulting shortage of food makes them desperate, and forms the crucial catalyst of the story. They have to take shelter in the suspicious monastery because everybody’s starving. (And also because the Spaniards are on their heels.)

Now, the monastery is ruled by vampire nuns, and they offer the cuirassiers the repast of their dreams. Aguilliere tries to warn her soldiers not to eat, but the Savoyards are famished – and thus they fall under the spell of the vampires, who have power over those who accept their lodging and partake of their hospitality (i.e. their food).

Lest you think the vampire nuns are all evil – they’re not – you have to look at the war from their point of view. They eat people, after all, so what they do is just the same as a hunter setting traps for hares.

My god, war’s such fun! I mean, as a source of ideas. Not otherwise.


That’s it for today, peeps! What are some of your best ideas? Give them to me!


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