Don’t try so hard

Hi peeps! Alice here. So here’s something I’ve said before, but in our overcharged atmosphere, it bears repeating. Endlessly.

Don’t try so hard. Work a little less. Don’t try to achieve your dreams. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t achieved success. Do a little bit of nothing. Procrastinate. Ooh, that’s right, procrastinate.

When did that become a dirty word? Procrastinate. Do a little bit of nothing. Get bored. Skip doing things. Spend time staring at the dust on your floor. Procrastinate, then procrastinate some more, and then some more.

Procrastination is good. Procrastination is heavenly. Procrastination is magic. Procrastinators are my new heroes, because they understand the deeper truth of the world: there’s no point in trying so goddam hard.

Also, fuck all this noise:

Society telling you to work harder and fulfill your dreams. People telling you that perseverance leads to success. Tips to optimise your schedule. Society shaming you for not working, doing, or being enough.

They’re all lying.

God created us imperfect; procrastination is when He smiles upon us. Heed the call.

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