Who is Alice?

Hello! This is Alice Gristle. She is a thirty-something person living in Finland, writing chiefly in English, though occasionally in Finnish. She loves cooking, weight training, arts & crafts, and the emotional skills of violence.

In her blog, Alice talks about her writing, her books, writing generally, the writer’s life, the writer’s troubles, and the writer’s triumphs. No topic is too dark to probe!

So what do you get, exactly? No technical writing advice. No “5 Must-Haves for Better Whatever!” No cat pics. There are already blogs devoted to them. What you will get are thoughts on the deeper psychological and emotional mechanisms and obstacles to writing. You will also get Alice’s opinions on writers’ secondary pursuits, like exercise, meditation, fucking, having an identity, and knowing the ways of all professions.

Also, be warned! Alice likes the occasional dirty word, like “shit”, “fuck”, and “independent female”.

Currently, Alice’s favourite word is: pine!

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